Elite Ceramic Coating

Enhances Gloss & Boosts Protection

Superior Gloss with Elite Ceramic Coating
Achieve unmatched durability and brilliance with the Superior Gloss offered by Elite Ceramic Coating. This product utilizes cutting-edge ceramic technology, where microscopic particles adhere to your vehicle’s surface. This creates a barrier that not only enhances gloss but also offers superior protection for your car’s exterior.
The DeLuxe and Elite Exterior Package with Elite wasCeramic Coating ensures up to three times more gloss and protection. This is achieved by layering Ceramic Coating over the established effectiveness of ClearGuard and Superior Gloss wax.

Shine – Superior Gloss Wax
Triggers an exceptionally deep gloss and a silky finish.

Protect – RainX
Offers unmatched defense against UV rays, rain, snow, grime, road salt, insects, pollen, and bird droppings.

Seal – Ceramic Coating
Gain triple the gloss and protection by combining Ceramic Coating with ClearGuard & Superior Gloss Wax.

For the ultimate care for your vehicle, opt for the Elite Exterior Detail

Elite Ceramic Coating

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